Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Has anyone else seen this ra-tarded Nissan commercial? What amazing innovation by Nissan. You put a sensor in your tire and ran a wire to the horn. Is this really what passes as technological leaps in the auto industry? I must say, the commercial is actually kind of funny. How often are we filling up tires on a new car? Is there an epidemic of people over filling their tires and blowing them up? I want answers. Why is R&D at Nissan working on horn warning systems for tire inflation instead of mpg or safety? I think I need to get a Cadillac again. 'Merica!

Election last night, The Big O carried another term. I did not vote for Obama or Romney. I looked at all the candidates and Gary Johnson was the guy I most identified with, so I voted Libertarian. (I voted Heitkamp in the Senate from North Dakota. Rick Berg just seems like the kind of guy that would shove you into traffic to pick a quarter up off the pavement.) I should have known there would never be a President Gary. I watched all the coverage after they called the election last night, everyone kept calling it a divided America. Didn't Obama pull the female, Asian, Latino and black vote while also carrying like 35% of the white male vote? Isn't that pulling the country together? So the other 65% of white males and white religious women are divided from everyone else. It's pretty obvious what part of our country needs to evolve their views. Every year more states are going to allow gay marriage and marijuana, things that really have no bearing on you or me. "Oh no, Jonathan and David got married, my marriage is invalid" "Oh no, LaJayden and D'Allen are smoking the cheeb, we're all hipsters now." Speaking of hipsters, you would have made a mint if you were selling skinny jeans out of the trunk of your Prius outside that rally in Chicago last night. 

The crazy thing is Obama didn't just win, kind of blew it out. Republicans need to stop nominating old white rich men. It's probably going to be C. Christie v. H. Clinton in 2016, that's my call. At least we got four more years of Biden. This is a big fucking deal. 

I have not written on here in a long time. I woke up this morning and saw that damn Nissan commercial and was inspired. Maybe I can keep the pace of blogging once every two months. 

Focker out!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Football Picks

Have not blogged all summer. Oops, was busy, moved to Fargo, ND, moved in with the gf and started a different position. Also, I'm on a computer all day at work, the last thing I want to do is turn on a computer when I get home. But I need to make my football picks in a place anyone can see them.

NFC East

1.Dallas Cowboys (4)
2.NY Giants* (5)
3.Philly Eagles* (6)
4.Washington Redskins

NFC South

1.Atlanta Falcons (1)
2.Carolina Panthers
3.New Orleans Saints
4.Tampa Bay Bucs

NFC North

1.Green Bay Packers (2)
2,Detroit Lions
3.Minnesota Vikings
4.Chicago Bears

NFC West

1.San Francisco 49ers (3)
2.Seattle Seahawks
3.Arizona Cardinals
4.St. Louis Rams

NFC Playoffs

Eagles over 49ers
Cowboys over Giants

Falcons over Eagles
Cowboys over Packers

Falcons over Cowboys

AFC East

1.New England Patriots (1)
2.Buffalo Bills* (5)
3.Miami Dolphins
4.NY Jets

AFC South

1.Houston Texans (3)
2.Indianapolis Colts
3.Tennessee Titans
4.Jacksonville Jaguars

AFC North

1.Baltimore Ravens (4)
2.Pittsburgh Steelers* (6)
3.Cleveland Browns
4.Cincy Bengals

AFC West

1.San Diego Chargers (2)
2.Denver Broncos
3.Oakland Raiders
4.KC Chiefs

AFC Playoffs

Ravens over Bills
Texans over Steelers

Patriots over Ravens
Texans over Chargers

Patriots over Texans

Super Bowl

Patriots over Falcons

MVP Phil Rivers
OPOY Cam Newton
DPOY Mario Williams
OROY Andrew Luck
DROY Mark Barron
COY Gary Kubiak
SB MVP Ryan Mallett (HA!)

Everyone is taking the Packers or Texans, so you know they have no shot at all. The Pats were there last year and got better. I think the Falcons will finally break through this year.

As far as the Vikings go I see somewhere between 7-9 and 9-7, They went 2-9 last year in games decided by 7 points are less. That's ridiculous. I don't remember them being that close. Then I remember McNabb was the QB at the beginning of the year and he was awful. The only problem is outside of Harvin there is no other playmaker on offense. I would count AD, but everyone knows it takes 2 years to fully recover from a blown knee. The defense will be good again, and I think it carries them.

Now onto fantasy. Got the draft on Tuesday night. Did a work draft earlier tonight. Got Rice, R. White, Jennings and Romo as my core. I like my team. My personal top 10.

1.Aaron Rodgers
2.Lesean McCoy
3.Ray Rice
4.Cam Newton
5.Tom Brady
6.Calvin Johnson
7.Chris Johnson
8.Arian Foster
9.Larry Fitzgerald
10.Drew Brees

Guys I will Not Own

Drew Brees
He's top 10, but I don't trust a team with 3 coaches in 1 year.

Marshawn Lynch
He's one awkward night at a strip club away from a 4 game suspension.

Peyton Manning
You throw harder than he does.

DeMarco Murray
Injury waiting to happen

Andre Johnson
See: DeMarco Murray

Rob Gronkowski
In order to get him you have to draft him in the 1st or 2nd round, Aaron Hernandez is healthy, he missed time last year causing Gronk's inflated stats.

Guys I Will Reach For to Own

Julio Jones
He's gonna be a monster this year.

Jordy Nelson
He had 15 TDs last year and is going after his teammate Greg Jennings who only had 9. He's a 5th or 6th round pick judging by my research.

Cam Newton
If I had the 3rd or 4th pick and Newton was sitting there I think you have to pull the trigger. He's going to have at least 450 rushing yards and 8-10 rushing TDs on top of his passing stats.


Jaquizz Rogers
Not sure if I spelled that correctly. He's a backup RB in Atlanta. Turner is old and I think the Falcons offense will be explosive. Could be a Brian Westbrook type in the making.

Titus Young
WR for the Lions. Burleson had a decent year last year as the #2 in Detroit. I think Young moves into that position and gets more action as Megatron as double and triple teamed.

Greg Olsen
Stupid Shockey is gone in Carolina and Olsen is the #1 TE there now.

Michael Vick
Kinda odd to put him as a sleeper, but I think his health is the sleeper. If he stays healthy for an entire year he;ll win you your league. Maybe this is the year.

That's it for now I guess. Sorry I never blog. I'm kinda drunk right now, sorry for the typos.